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Story behind NativeFoodStore

In the heart of a bustling city, in the year 2016, a small online store came to life with a big dream. It was called the “NativeFoodStore.” This humble venture was born out of a simple yet powerful idea – to bring the flavors of tradition, the goodness of native Indian millet-based products, right to your doorstep.

The founders, a group of passionate individuals, shared a common goal – to make the journey of discovering and enjoying traditional, healthy food as easy as a click of a button. Their passion for preserving the rich culinary heritage of South India was the driving force behind this endeavor.

When they embarked on this adventure, they knew they were in for a challenge. Research became their closest companion as they delved deep into the world of millets and traditional recipes. Hours turned into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months. But they persevered because they believed in their mission. They knew that the treasures of native food needed to be shared with the world.

And so, NativeFoodStore became a labor of love. It became the go-to destination for anyone seeking the finest millet products. From millet noodles that danced with flavors to millet flakes that crunched with nostalgia, from the wholesome goodness of Millet Muesli to the instant delight of Millet Dosa mix, this online store had it all.

But it didn’t stop there. NativeFoodStore was a treasure trove, offering not just millets but a wide range of products that celebrated tradition – Rice mix Powders, Cold pressed Oil, Millet Vermicelli, and even Jaggery powder. They had more than 100 products, each carefully curated for its quality, nativity, and uniqueness.

The team at NativeFoodStore had a vision. we believe that the current generation, despite living in a fast-paced world, would appreciate the value of their roots. They knew that people were longing for a taste of the past, for the comfort of food that had been a part of their culture for generations. And so, they set out to make this transition easy, offering these native treasures at competitive and reasonable prices.

With the click of a button, customers could explore their wide range of products and pay securely online using various payment methods. Native Food Store was not just a store; it was an experience, a journey back in time to the traditional tastes and flavors that had been forgotten in the rush of modern life. Visit Shop Now.

The founders of NativeFoodStore believed in their products, and they hoped that their customers would enjoy them as much as they enjoyed offering them. They knew that every product they shipped was a piece of tradition, a piece of their passion, and a piece of their hearts.

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